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Finding Salem Essentials products in retail store

Getting information about products purchased in a retail store

Returning items purchased from retail stores

Shop by Phone

Phone orders

Shop Online

Ordering online

How to create an order

Prices and tax


Using the search bar

Helpful search tips


Order processing

Checking your order status and tracking


Shipping Services, Fees, Rules and Restrictions

Where do we ship?

Excluded addresses

International Shipping

Shipping fees (what we charge)

Handling and tax

When will orders be shipped?

What shipping carriers we use

Shipping Confirmations and Tracking

Where is my order?

Where is my tracking number?

Payments, Tax, and Cancellations


Credit card payments

International credit cards


Charging sales tax

States that tax charges apply


Changing an order after it has been placed

How to cancel an order

Why did my order get canceled?

Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our guarantee to you


Returns policy

Returning items without proof of purchase

Gift returns

Our return address

How to complete a return


Refunds for online purchases

Refunds without proof of purchase

Gift refunds

E-Gift Card refunds


Online Exchanges

Account Membership, Gifts Services, and Promotions

Account Members

Why create an account (become a Member)?

How do I create an account?

How can I recover or change my password?

How do I update my account information?

Discounts and Promotions

Are there discount codes available?

Where can I find active promotions?

Where do I enter discount/promo codes?

Are there discounts on shipping?

I forgot to enter a discount code on my recent order, can I apply it now?

Limits to using promotions or discount codes

Email Subscription

Why receive our email (subscription benefits)

How to subscribe to receive emails (opt in)

How to unsubscribe from our email (opting out)

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