Who is Salem Essentials and Apothecary?

We make small batch, handcrafted, natural bath and body care products in the USA. We make real products for real people. Real products are simple blends of natural ingredients, made fresh and affordable. Real people? That’s you!

Sure, celebrity endorsements would be great, and we welcome likes from health nuts, urban hipsters and inhabitants from the planet Vegan too. But why should natural products be so exclusive? Does natural mean expensive? We think not, and intend for natural products to be affordable and available to all. 

Our values start with what we make and sell. As makers, we are committed to responsible sourcing and are always cruelty free (PETA Certified). Our products are simple blends of high quality, natural ingredients, made fresh and affordable. We carefully select our ingredients from sources both far and near. Our locally sourced, antioxidant-rich, honey comes from our friend Peggy at Tarheel Bees. While other ingredients, like our organic sustainable palm oil, come from places that we hope to vacation one day in the Pacific.

Growing up in Winston-Salem, I wanted to create a unique collection of products and fragrances that were inspired by local Southern heritage. From the Carolina Tobacco Collection, reminiscent of the endless summer fields of sweet tobacco wafting from the coast to Appalachia, to Honeysuckle, the aroma of my childhood summer backyard, we devoted a year’s worth of thought and practice into a line that tells our American story.   

Making seems to be in our DNA. We come from families of makers and self-starters. I have been around health and beauty, skin care, and natural/organic consumer products for two decades creating products for well-known national brands, all while dreaming of starting my own business. Jonathan is a business jack of all trades, with decades of computer experience in the health care and dermatology industry (and almost ended up being a nurse). His family is littered with artists and entrepreneurs who love to make and sell. He too has been looking for that thing which would consume his interest and become his true passion, making us the perfect partners in business.

Salem Essentials and Apothecary is the realization of what we have always wanted to do; make things with pride, in our own backyard that benefit others. From our locally sourced inspirations and ingredients, to the friends and family we employ, Salem Essentials & Apothecary is the company we'll always call home, making real products for real people, right here in North Carolina.

Candace Kaufman & Jonathan Clemmer

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